Lemon balm is a plant beloved by bees and pharmacists. A lot of useful properties, a pleasant light lemon flavor – who doesn’t know melissa? Five autumn photos in the rays of the early sun.

Lemon balm photos

And it is also very decorative. Her beauty is not bright, sweet, in a rustic or Provencal style. But from the eyes of a real photographer, even a curious amateur, the beauty of the lemon grass bushes will not escape.

And in the fall, Melissa suddenly turned an amazing purple color – and immediately became the hero of my photo story.

Lemon balm photo 1 Lemon balm photo 2 Lemon balm photo 3 Lemon balm photo 4 Lemon balm photo 5

About what kind of Lemon balm is useful and how much bees and pharmacists like it and why – you can read HERE.

Good luck! See you soon!


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