About us

1.The website Rus Nature Photo – Wildlife photo: online magazine”  – is our hobby , our passion.
Do not judge strictly, we continue to learn the skill.
If a photo like – write, send in high resolution as a Wallpaper on your desktop.

2. The website reflects our enthusiasm at every MEETING in living nature. If your soul is also can not remain indifferent – you with us along the way, you will find interesting pictures for yourself.

3. The website is a picture of our love for Russia, where the lives of half our family.

4. It is also an illustration of love to Ukraine, where he lives the other half of our family.

5. The website is a tribute to the once vast and prosperous village Goncy, Lubensky district, Poltava region, Ukraine. Let this be little virtual brick to the monument of our village.

The photo quality is Amateur, shot a lot of corny on the phone, especially old photos, but they have their value, because many aspects are simply unique, such as the holiday village, something tells us that this was the last feast in the Goncy of this magnitude.

6.Website – the repository of photographs from the personal archives. The computer simply can not withstand such a volume, and the recent renovation of the processor was reminded that everything in our life temporarily – and lose your way. So we finally got together and started to fill the site in memory of.

7.Our site is an illustration of our love to Don, many photos were taken in Rostov region, Russia. The don region are unique!
We are Amateur photographers. We love to photograph. And take pictures of all the readers. But most of all – nature.

Half of our family – Ukrainians living in Ukraine, pictures of Ukraine, loved her.

Half of our family is Russian. Lives in Russia, pictures of Russia, loves her.

We have two homelands – Russia and Ukraine. We speak two languages with your children – in Russian and in Ukrainian. We have two tags on our website – photos of Russia photos of Ukraine.

When politicians quarrel – we never cease to love both our homeland because they are beautiful!

We can photograph something for you at your request, but only if your order is not to stir up ethnic conflict between our peoples. Our slogan – #love_Ukraine and #love_Russia.

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