Pumpkin flowers or photo – Halloween pumpkin story

Halloween is approaching, a symbol of this holiday is a pumpkin. Thanks to this collection of photos, you can see how a pumpkin appeared. From flower to fruit. History of the appearance of Halloween pumpkin

Цветы тыквы фото 1

Цветы тыквы фото 2

Цветы тыквы фото 3

Цветы тыквы фото 4

Цветы тыквы фото 5

Цветы тыквы фото 5

Цветы тыквы фото 6

Цветы тыквы фото 7

Pumpkin flowers photo 8

Pumpkin flowers photo 9

Pumpkin flowers photo 10

Pumpkin flowers photo 11

Pumpkin flowers photo 12

Pumpkin flowers photo 13

 Long before European contact, Cucurbita was the main food source for the indigenous peoples of North and South America, and this species became an important food for European settlers, including pilgrims, even on Thanksgiving. A commercially produced pumpkin, commonly used in pumpkin pie, is most often a species of C. moschata; Libby, by far the largest producer of processed pumpkins, uses the patented pumpkin variety Dickinson C. moschata for its canned pumpkin. Other foods that can be made using this kind of product include cookies, bread, cheesecake, desserts, donuts, granola, ice cream, lasagna dishes, pancakes, pudding, pumpkin seed oil, salads, soups, and toppings. Squash soup is a dish of African cuisine. Xerophytic species are useful in finding nutritious foods that grow well in arid regions. C. ficifolia is used for the preparation of soft drinks and low alcohol drinks.Wiki

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