White clover also known as Dutch clover, Ladino clover, or Ladino, the most beautiful pictures of white clover!

White clover – best photo

Growing white clover fields and meadows, waterways and roadsides, in pastures and near homes.

A beautiful ornamental plant. Resistant to trampling and grazing, quick regrowth. White clover not only beautiful but also useful!

Soil-improving plant. One of the most important honey plants. Well bees visit this plant, assembling it with lots of honey and pollen. Honey white, fragrant.


It is native to Europe and central Asia. One of the most widely cultivated types of clover, it has been widely introduced worldwide as a forage crop, and is now also common in most grassy areas (lawns and gardens) of North America and New Zealand. The species includes varieties often classed as small, intermediate and large, according to height, which reflects petiole length. The term “white clover” is applied to the species in general, “Dutch clover” is often applied to intermediate varieties (but sometimes to smaller varieties), and “ladino clover” is applied to large varieties – Trifolium_repens


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