Swallowwort seems beautiful – but after reading it, I found out that it is prone to seizing large territories and it is actively being fought in many countries.
There is no need to fight it in our region – it grows very modestly, decorates various unsightly walls, pillars, it is a branching vine with cute soft flowers and leaves that resemble a heart.

Today Swallowwort  is the hero of our short photo story, we will see its beauty!

Swallowwort photos

Vincetoxicum rossicum is a flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae. It is a perennial herb native to southern Europe and is a highly invasive plant growing in all of the Eastern United States, in the mid west, and southern Ontario and Quebec in Canada. It has several common names including swallowwort, pale swallowwort, and dog-strangling vine. Wikipedia

Swallowwort photo 1 Swallowwort photo 2 Swallowwort photo 3 Swallowwort photo 4

Good luck! See you soon!

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